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After the introduction of the TGV on some routes, air site visitors on these routes decreased and in some cases disappeared. The TGV set a publicised speed information in 1981 at 380 km/h , in 1990 at 515 km/h , after which in 2007 at 574.8 km/h (357.2 mph), although these have been test speeds, rather than operation train speeds.
In 1971, the "C03" project, now known as "TGV Sud-Est", was validated by the government, against Bertin's Aerotrain. Until this date, there was a rivalry between the French Land Settlement Commission , supporting the Aérotrain, and the SNCF and its ministry, supporting standard rail. The "C03 project" included a new High-Speed line between Paris and Lyon, with new multi-engined trains operating at 260 km/h . At that point, the basic Paris-Lyon line was already congested and a brand new line was required; this busy hall, neither too short nor too lengthy , was the best choice for the new service.
In 1981, the primary section of the new Paris–Lyon High-Speed line was inaugurated, with a 260 km/h high velocity (then 270 km/h soon after). Being ready to make use of each devoted excessive-velocity and conventional strains, the TGV offered the flexibility to hitch every city within the nation at shorter journey occasions.
After a long time of research and successful testing on a forty three-km check monitor, JR Central is now constructing a Maglev Shinkansen line, which is known as the Chūō Shinkansen. These Maglev trains still have the standard underlying tracks and the automobiles have wheels.
The preliminary rolling inventory was based on Alstom's TGV Réseau, and was partly built in Korea. The domestically developed HSR-350x, which achieved 352.four km/h (219.0 mph) in exams, resulted in a second kind of excessive-velocity trains now operated by Korail, the KTX Sancheon. High-pace rail was launched to China in 2003 with the Qinhuangdao–Shenyang high-speed railway.
It makes use of transformed passenger ETR 500 trainsets to hold items at common speeds of one hundred eighty km/h, at first between Caserta and Bologna, with plans to extend the community throughout Italy. The French TGV La Poste was for a very long time the only very high-velocity prepare service, transporting mail in France for La Poste at a maximum prime pace of 270 km/h, between 1984 and 2015. The trainsets were both particularly adapted and constructed, either converted, passenger TGV Sud-Est trainsets. Construction started on the excessive-pace line from Seoul to Busan in 1992 with the first business service launching in 2004. Top pace for trains in regular service is at present 305 km/h , although the infrastructure is designed for 350 km/h .

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